Acetal-image A plastic that rivals metal in strength

Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal, is an engineering thermoplastic commonly utilised to create precision parts that demand stiffness, low friction and high dimensional stability. Acetals can be processed by injection moulding or extrusion techniques, being available in fibre reinforced and lubricated moulding grades, plus extruded shapes to be used as machine parts. The most common applications of acetals are in industrial, food preparation and mechanical products, such as in gears, seatbelts and conveyor belts.

The durability of acetal makes it an ideal replacement for metal in some designs, particularly in the automotive industry where durability and impact-resistance is key. Additionally, acetal offers good colourability and mating with metal as well as other polymers, and is ideally suited for high precision moulding thanks to its dimensional stability. Acetal also has low water absorption, high creep resistance and a low coefficient of friction.

Acetal is one of the best engineering plastics for machining, due to its wide operating temperature range and easy handling. Acetal is available in sheet, rod or machine component variations, all of which are suitable for a variety of different applications. Acetal is commonly available in black or white, but speak to AJ Plastics Engineering if you require custom colours.

AJ Plastics Engineering are industry leaders when it comes to acetal machining, having provided reliable plastic manufacturing since 1959. For all your plastic manufacturing and machining needs, look no further than AJ Plastics Engineering – call our team today to see how we can assist with getting your project underway.

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