Additional Industrial Plastics


As a locally-owned and operated company the team at AJ Plastics Engineering aim to support local manufacturers whenever possible. All of our industrial-strength plastics have been sourced from local suppliers and are able to function in different environments with excellence. Resistant to moisture, fracturing, and wear, our numerous varieties of plastic materials are well-suited for Australian companies.

  • Sourced from a network of local suppliers
  • Stock levels on hand
  • Custom orders available
  • If your required plastic is not listed, please contact us. We can potentially source from our network of suppliers or recommend an alternative product
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Materials Used
  • Cast Nylon
    • Standard cream or black available
    • Similar characteristics to Nylon 66
    • Great machinability
    • Excellent wear resistance
    • Mechanical strength
    • Zero moisture absorption
    • Good friction properties
    • Gears
    • Wear strips
    • Standard colours are Natural (White) and Black. Limited supply of green might be available
    • Excellent machinability.
    • Excellent impact resistance
    • High tensile strength
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Lightweight
    • It complies with FDA requirements making it an excellent material for the food industry.
    • Wear Pads
  • PTFE - Teflon
    • Widely used in low load applications
    • White Virgin PTFE, 25% glass filled PTFE, Carbon filled, Bronze filled and graphite filled is available
    • Easy machinability
    • High thermal stability
    • Low co efficient of friction
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • It complies with FDA requirements making it suitable for the food industry.
    • Wear pads
    • Gears
    • Guides
    • Rollers
    • Wheels
    • Well suited to food and medical industries
  • PVC
    • Available in grey (and sometimes white)
    • Excellent electrical insulating properties
    • Very high chemical resistance
    • Moderate impact resistance and service temperature
    • Very good moisture resistance
    • Good dimensional stability
    • This material can be welded
    • Water tanks
  • Polyurethane
    • Polyurethane is poured into moulds and cooked
    • Available as rod, sheet or as moulded parts
    • Polyurethane has varying degrees of hardness. Share A tends to be a softer polyurethane and Shore D is a harder polyurethane. However, there are degrees of hardness within each shore and these are represented by a number. The most common polyurethane sold is a 90A which is quite firm and always in red.
    • Excellent compression properties
    • Good mechanical properties
    • High tensile strength
    • Excellent tear strength
    • Exceptional resilience even in hardness grades
    • Excellent flex properties
    • Very good low temperature capabilities
    • High coefficient of friction properties
    • Bushes
    • Rollers
    • Wheels
  • Vesconite
    • A specialised hard-wearing thermopolymer
    • Designed for challenging operating conditions
    • It has internal lubrication
    • A low friction coefficient
    • High wear resistance
    • High load bearing
    • Easy to machine
    • Please contact A J Plastics Engineering to find out how we can you help